15 Useful Life Hacks for People Living Alone

Living alone can be great and boring in the same time. Think of the periods you have absolute silence and you can relax and think of the times when you need the help of someone with something. If you enjoy living solo, you’ll be happy with the hacks you will find out here on how to make your life easier. Let’s find out what are the common things someone need helps with and how to do them by yourself. Cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

1. Use a rubber band to open a jar.

how to, how to, how to

When you don’t have a strong friend that can help you out with opening a jar, just take two rubber bands, place one over the cap and one on the middle of the jar and you will open it with ease. Cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

2. Leftover wine can be stored in mason jars.

how to, how to, how to

If you have some leftover wine from when you have shared a bottle with someone, just take a clean jar and pour it in, you don’t want the wine to get air and who knows when are you gonna finish it.

3. To avoid a bottle of soda to go flat just shake it (it will stay fizzy for weeks).

Cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

4. Move heavy appliances easier with Windex.

If you are into changing stuff around in the house, use some Windex to help heavy things to slide easier.

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