12 Secrets That Will Save You From Food Poisoning

6. Honey

Honey producers come up with all sorts of ideas for how to increase the final product’s weight — from adding chalk or starch to flour.

How to check: Dissolve a spoonful of honey in water, and add a few drops of acetic acid. If the mixture starts to bubble and hiss, your dessert has some chalk in it.

Flour and starch in honey can be detected by adding iodine — the mix will become dark.

5. Wine

It’s Friday night and you want to sip on a glass of red? The yummy beverage may also be fake. It can be made of powdered wine.

How to check: Take a tablespoon of baking soda, and pour some wine over it. The chemical reaction will turn it blue, and this means that your drink has grape starch in it. Powdered wine will not change its color.

4. Mayo

For the mayo lovers out there! A quality mayo must include egg powder only. Sometimes they use starch and additives, which can be harmful to you.

How to check: A few drops of iodine will determine if it has starch, and the mixture will become dark in color.

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