12 Scammers’ New Tricks It’s Better to Know About to Avoid Trouble

6. Free perfume samples

You make your way out of a shopping mall when a pretty girl comes up to you and asks if you’d like a sample spray. She sprays the perfume on your wrist, you like its smell, and the woman wants to spray it on your neck but “accidentally” sprays the perfume in your eyes. You’re blinded and suddenly a man runs up to you and steals your wallet and bags.

  • What to do? Keep in mind that these types of salespeople only work inside shopping malls. Try to avoid strangers’ offers on the streets even if they’re really interesting.

5. Car keys

You’re sitting at a street cafe, a man approaches you on your right side, and suddenly drops his car keys. You bend and pick them up while his partner grabs your bag on your left side.

  • What to do? Choose a table that’s not so close to the sidewalk and that’s close to a wall. Have your bag zipper closed and if it has a shoulder strap, put a table leg through the strap. Never pick up people’s money, keys, or wallets. You might just motion toward them and let them know that they’ve dropped something.

4. Free Wi-Fi

Be careful while trying to access the Wi-Fi in public places. Scammers create free networks with the name of the mall or hotel that you might try to connect to first. Sometimes it requires your personal data so crooks get access to your information and even passwords.

  • What to do? If you’re in a public place, ask the help desk if there are any free Wi-Fi networks. If you really need to access the internet, it’s better to go to a cafe or a restaurant and use reputable networks.
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