12 Scammers’ New Tricks It’s Better to Know About to Avoid Trouble

9. Lottery victory

You’re offered a free lottery ticket in a store. You scratch it and realize that you’re a winner. To get your prize, you have to call a phone number provided. You call the number, wait a few minutes on the line, provide the confirmation number found on your winning ticket and your personal data, an operator says that they’ll call you when the prize is ready. But you’ll never get a prize and you’ll never receive your money that you spent calling that premium line back.

  • What to do? Don’t take free lottery cards. If you decide to take one and win, check the information about this lottery on the internet before calling.

8. Hungry ATM

We all know that scammers use special devices that read our card numbers and small cameras to steal our money. But we have to be even more careful nowadays. Robbers have started putting a piece of tape in the card slot and cards get stuck in there. You think that the ATM is broken but actually crooks just take your card and walk away while you’re calling the bank to inform them about this problem.

  • What to do? It’s better to withdraw cash at a bank where people work. You might also want to ask a bank cashier to help you. If there’s just an ATM, you have to check the card slot and the keypad. If an ATM ate your card, don’t leave, call the bank via the hotline, and block your card via a mobile app, if possible.

7. Electronic pickpocketing

Modern technologies let us pay for our purchases with our cards or smartphones in just one touch. Scammers have special devices that help read information in your electronic wallet. They just have to touch your gadget or a credit card to get access to your e-wallet.

  • What to do? It’s recommended to buy a wallet that offers scam protection. You can also set a daily spending limit on your smartphone so you don’t lose all your money in a few seconds.
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