12 Scammers’ New Tricks It’s Better to Know About to Avoid Trouble

If there was an award for Best Actor among swindlers and crooks, they all would have lots of prizes and trophies. Sometimes even the most common situations can be thoroughly planned by scammers, so that you will have no idea that it’s all fake.

Mindfullyhappy.org gathered the newest tricks that crooks use in big cities and found out how we can protect ourselves to avoid unpleasant incidents. Cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

12. Clothes on a windshield

Be careful if you notice any strange item on your car’s windshield. Criminals use this method to distract you and attack you or steal your bag while you’re busy removing the clothes. Robbers usually use this trick at night in shopping mall parking lots.

  • What to do? Don’t try to remove the items from your windshield, get in the car and try to drive to a safe place or lock the doors and call the police or ask your friends for help. Cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

11. Dropped money

A boy comes up to you in the street and says that you’ve dropped your money. You’re confused and can’t remember where actually you’ve put it so you thank the boy and go away. Suddenly his parents come up to you and claim that you’ve stolen the boy’s money when he just wanted to make change. You’re shocked and the parents ask you to give the money back and compensate moral damage.

  • What to do? Keep in mind that there’s just a tiny chance that someone will give you money that you’ve dropped. But if this situation happens, first, you should check whether your money’s actually gone and only then you say “thank you” for the person’s help. Never take money or other items (a wallet or a ring) if they’re not yours. If this type of thing still happens to you, go to any public place with security cameras and call the police. Cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

10. Purchases stolen from under your nose

Imagine that you’ve just bought a TV and now you’re on your way to the car. A security guard stopsyou near the exit to check your stuff and the receipt. Suddenly a sales associate comes up to you, says that they’ve sold you a damaged TV by mistake, and asks you to come to the warehouse to get a new one while the security guard watches your purchase. You follow the associate, but suddenly they disappear and so does the security guard with your belongings.

  • What to do? Check the items you want to buy before you take them away and never leave your purchases with strangers. It’s recommended to take your friends with you if you are going to buy an expensive item.
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