10 Secrets of Fast Food Restaurants the Staff Will Never Tell

7. Coke is cheaper than tea because it stimulates the appetite.

In fast food places, sodas are normally cheaper than tea. This is because they want people to buy more sodas: it is impossible to quench thirst with a sweet soda (and you will buy it again and again). Also, carbon dioxide stimulates the appetite.

6. French fries contain 19 ingredients.

The legendary flavor of fast food French fries is achieved by mixing around 20 ingredients. Potatoes are the basic one. The other 18 are some fats, additives, and flavor enhancers, making this food not completely harmless.

5. It is not the best decision to be an early bird.

One-upmanship is a good thing, but not when it comes to fast food. Don’t go to fast food places right after their opening time: they clean their kitchen equipment with aggressive chemicals that can remain on kitchen machines and countertops in the morning and go straight onto your food.

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