10 Psychological Facts That Reveal a Lot About Us

Over the years, scientists have uncovered many of the human brain’s mysteries and shortcomings that were securely hidden in our psyche.

Today, Mindfullyhappy.org invites you on a journey inside your own head to find out what makes your consciousness work. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

1. We’re constantly altering our memories

We tend to see our memories as small movies or video clips. Things that lie on some “shelf” inside our brain, safe and unalterable. But, as it turns out, recollections of past events change every time they pass before our mind’s eye.

Their content is influenced by memory blackouts and by events that took place in the morerecent past. For example, you don’t have clear recollections of all the people who attended a family get-together a couple of years ago, but since your aunt never misses events of this kind, your mind eventually includes her in the memories — even if she was absent on that particular occasion.

2. We can only have a limited number of friends

Psychologists and sociologists have come up with something called the Dunbar’s number — the maximum number of people with whom a person can maintain close ties. So, even if you have thousands of ’friends’ on Facebook, you can only have meaningful communication with 50-200 of them. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

3. We feel happier when we’re busy

  • Imagine that you’re at the airport, and you need to pick up the luggage. In ten minutes, you reach the claim area and immediately collect your suitcase.

    And now, a slightly different situation. You find a shortcut and manage to get to the baggage carousel in just two minutes. Then, you spend the remaining eight minutes waiting for your suitcase to appear.

In both cases, it took you no more than ten minutes to pick up the luggage. However, in the second scenario, you probably felt more impatient and dissatisfied. This is due to the fact that our brain dislikes being idle and prefers to stay busy instead. And, for every task completed, it rewards us with dopamine, the hormone of happiness.

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